Community Transcends Borders for Sebastián Mañón

When Sebastián Mañón first came to the United States from the Dominican Republic, there were many cultural differences.

But one important similarity stood out.

“Community is very important,” said Mañón. “People are very nice and treat you very well, like back home where people are very warm.”

It’s an important message, that although one’s culture may be different, people at the core are the same.

“There are certain differences, but I’ve received the same warmth here,” he said. “People end up shaping your experience at places like Dartmouth. I hope that I’ll leave this place with many good memories of not only things I achieved in the classroom and on the field, but also leave this place with great relationships and great memories of the simple moments I shared with people.”

Mañón first came to the U.S. for the 10th grade to attend Taft School in Connecticut because of soccer.

When asked what it was like to be on his own in a new country, he had an interesting response.
Sebastian Manon Mens soccer action versus Hartford
“I was on my own, but just for a day or two.”

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